Historic Strater Hotel
Special Room Dedication Project

Louis L'Amour Room 222

The historic Strater Hotel has been a part of the Durango community since 1887, and is one of the oldest ongoing businesses in the Four Corners Region. It has been in the Barker family since 1926, and current owners Rod and Laurie Barker wish to share their hotel with you through a special Room Dedication Project where each of the hotel's 93 rooms is being named after individuals, families, and institutions who have been important to the founding and development of Durango and its surrounding areas.

During the Strater Hotel's 2012 Annual Open House the first set of rooms were dedicated to Joseph A. Walker, the Kroeger Family, Louis and Kathy L'Amour, Olga Little Schaaf, Charles Schumacher, the Strater Family, and the First National Bank of Durango. During 2013 an additional eleven rooms were dedicated including to Will Rogers, President Gerald Ford, Hattie Mashburn, and Marion Jarvis. To read more about each of the dedications each is listed below. You may just have a favorite, and if you do please call the Strater hotel when making your reservation to request that specific room.

As the Special Room Dedication Project procedes, the Strater Hotel will continue to ask for nominations of those that have been significant to the founding and development of Durango or Southwest Colorado. We invite you to share your nomination by filling out a room dedication form and returning it to the Strater Hotel. You may drop it off at the hotel front desk, send it via email to rbarker@strater.com, fax it to 970.247.4437, or mail it to Nominations, P.O. Box E, Durango, Colorado, 81302. Nomination forms and a list of named rooms may be found at www.strater.com/names. 

Earl & Jentra Barker -- Room 322
Electra Sporting Club -- Room 205
James W. Jarvis -- Room 409
Mercy Medical Center -- Room 220
Southern Ute Indian Tribe -- Room 412
Dennis W. Viles -- Room 117

Blomstrom Family -- Room 424
President Gerald R. Ford -- Room 333
Marion Jarvis -- Room 331
Hattie Mashburn -- Room 415
Thomas McCloskey Family -- Room 301
Gustaf Nordenskiold -- Room 323
Will Rogers -- Room 326
Thomas W. Sefton -- Room 400
Charles E. Stilwell -- Room 414
Weinig Family -- Room 303
Thomas Wigglesworth -- Room 321

First National Bank -- Room 320
Joseph A. Walker -- Room 423
Kroeger Family -- Room 211
Louis L'Amour -- Room 222
Olga Little -- Room 307
Schumacher Family -- Room 332
Strater Family -- Room 230

Strater Hotel Heritage Tours

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For more information on times and costs please email: info@strater.com or call our front desk at 800.247.4431.


We look forward to helping make your visit to Durango memorable!

*The historic Strater Hotel, and all its outlets, are nonsmoking facilities-no smoking of any kind is allowed.
Thank you for your cooperation.