Greg Ryder

Greg RyderGreg Ryder is a local favorite guitar player, singer, and songwriter. Some call him "The Fabulous Alberto," but what ever you call him, you will surely notice his fabulously smooth voice and distintive musical style.

Greg is one of Durango's more colorful entertainers and longtime residents.  Born and raised Wisconsin, Greg moved to Durango in 1979 with his wife.  Some folks may remember him from the 10+ years he work with the Bar-D Wranglers.  His music mix spans many genres, from folk and western to swing and jazz standards.  

At the Strater's Diamond Bell, you might see him alone on the stage, or often with others who sit in with him.  To contact Greg, send him an e-mail at  To purchase his latest CD, go to

Greg is a master at cowboy ballads and what some call "COWBOY LOUNGE/ACOUSTIC COW PUNK". The west has changed hasn't it!?!

We're sure you will find his music is your style too.

Greg Ryder will play in the Office Spiritorium every Saturday of the Year starting at about 5:30 pm.

Greg Ryder will play in the Diamond Belle at about 5:30 pm on the following days:


Wednesday and Thursdays:


Friday and Saturdays: